Ive been wanting to do a floral print for a while now. There are so many floral prints out there I wanted to design one that was a little bit different and had more to it than just pretty flowers.
The below image was my main inspiration, I decided on using mainly orchids but keeping with the YAELLE style of using bright colours and always hand drawn!

 Inspirational image for Orchid Print

                                              Mood Board for print

Original drawing for print using watercolour and pencil


                                                                       FINAL PRINT 

0 YAELLE X Gallery Elena Schchukina Exclusive Collaboration


We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Galley Elena Schchukina.

We have designed an exclusive bespoke YAELLE silk scarf for the new gallery opening in Knightsbridge, Beauchamp place.

Gallery Elena Shchukina is pleased to present Form and Colour, the first UK solo exhibition of French artist Laure Hatchuel-Becker.

Inspired by indigenous Australian dot paintings, Hatchuel-Becker’s “peaks of colour” technique relies on symmetry, alignment and colour to form simple structures. Her “waves of colour” technique, on the other hand, draws the viewer’s attention by means of a particular texture – the result of painting with a palette knife.

Her works have been exhibited in Paris, Monaco, Punta del Este, Sydney, Deauville, Miami and Singapore.

We took inspiration from Hatchuel- Becker's beautiful paintings to create a bespoke design, available to purchase in four different colour-ways exclusively at the gallery.

Laure Hatchuel Becker wearing the bespoke YAELLE silk scarf

Gallery Press Evening


0 Hello My Name Is Paul Smith


"It’s about encouraging young people and showing them what’s possible''

This exhibition was truly inspiring. It gives you a real insight into the world of Paul Smith.
From his early sketchbooks, a life size layout of his studio and behind the scenes footage of his fashion shows.

A must see!

0 NEW YAELLE Silk Scarf - Valentines Gift


We have the perfect gift for her for Valentines Day! Take a look at the newest addition to the YAELLE silk scarf collection. The Russian Doll Silk Scarf in Hot Pink.
It measures 65cm x 65cm so it looks beautiful as a neckerchief or headscarf. If you want a gift that is unique and individual this will be perfect!

At the heart of this design is the idea of peace and unity. From the UK to China, these hand drawn babushka dolls represent cultures from all around the world. Each doll has an outfit representing its nationality, including bhinids for the Indian dolls and traditional floral bunting for the rosy- cheeked British doll. Above all this YAELLE scarf is created to make you smile.

                                                 To see the rest of the YAELLE collection please visit



We wanted to share with you a little insight into our inspiration behind the shoot for YAELLE silk scarves. Below are some mood board images that contributed to the final look and feel of the shoot. For the final images we also decided to add a parrot! This made the images come to life and have texture and movement. You can take a look at the final images here. We hope you love them as much as we do!