The 1000 Journal Project


The 1000 Journal Project was created by 'Someguy'. This is a fascinating project, which we here at YAELLE HQ have been following for some time now.

The idea behind the project is quite simple. One thousand blank journals distributed around San Francisco. They were left in bar bathrooms, cafe's, left on buses and given to strangers. Each journal contained instructions to pass along to someone else once they have drawn/written created something on one of the blank pages.
 There are no set rules, only to pass it on or leave it somewhere for someone else to find. The technique is based on an old parlor game and requires each participant to write or draw on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal their work, then pass it on to the next participant. The end result is a product of the group's collective consciousness.

Some journals never made it back to 'Someguy' however each journal has its own adventure and story.
They've been lost and found, forgotten and remembered.  They've been the subject of treasure hunts, brought to remote mountaintops, abandoned at airports, and even stolen at gunpoint.

We seem to be in the 'Digital Age' and we often forget the basics of creativity. There is nothing more satisfying than filling a blank piece of paper with original artwork in different medias. All YAELLE scarves start off simply with pen to paper drawings. Keeping our designs real and unique.
This is why we love the 1000 Journal Project!

Original Sketchbook Art Work for 'The Paris Scarf'
Below are some images from some of the journals that made it back, you can follow this amazing story on the 1000 Journal Project website.




This week YAELLE silk scarves have been featured in STATUS Magazine.
'STATUS is Asia’s youth culture magazine, focusing on the future of fashion, music, art, and urban lifestyles–from Manila to Singapore, Seoul to Paris, LA to New York, and everywhere in between'
The latest issue, Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll features an amazing illustrated Maroon 5 on the cover.

  Also featured in this issue is designer Alba Prat's Neon Old School Collection. For her second collection Alba Prat got inspired by the cold war children going to school with their leather bags and knitted accessories handmade by their grandmothers. Disciplined pupils are represented in three different outfits, in which the bright and strong spirit of their childhood is spreading around through the neon color. We love the contrast between nostalgic school days and the contemporary neon edge.


Marie Antoinette Silk Scarf


We love Chanel's 2013 Resort collection. Set in the gardens of Versailles (the historic palace in Paris where Marie Antoinette once lived). The collection is girly with an edgy twist featuring candy coloured wigs powered to dull them down to softer, chalky pastel hues.
The models had the finishing touch of a miniature black velvet Chanel logo as a beauty spot on either the left or right side of the face, (how cute!)
 The collection featured rich touches of Rococo gold embroidery, lots of ruffles and beaded detail.
We are instantly reminded of a modern day Marie Antoinette!
The YAELLE Marie Antoinette silk scarf features delicately drawn lace fans. Discover the world of Marie Antoinette in this beautifully hand drawn silk scarf. Each fan has parts of her world inside, from colourful French Macarons and exquisite vintage jewellery, to beautifully decorated slip-on shoes covered in pearls.