Yaelle Short Fashion Film


I have wanted to do a short fashion film of my scarves for absolutely ages... so when I stumbled across Aaron from Ched53 and his first attempt at a video with the beautiful Emma Nicole Cooke I was blown away.
Aaron had created a beautiful short test clip called 'The Heat' and I just loved it...
I contacted Aaron to see if he wanted to collaborate on a short piece to which he said yes...yey!
We hadn't really planned anything specific apart from that I wanted to film it in the amazing Chimney House which I have fallen in love with! We thought we would just improvise and see what happened.
 Once the models Ellie Hallsworth and Danielle Nikki had arrived and all the hair and make up was done by Nicki Donohoe and Khila Jones we found out we only had an hour to shoot in! Panic time!
We literally tried to film as much as we could in the hour, usually the first hour would be to get the models warmed up but we just had to go with it and get as much on film as we could.
The lighting was also a bit of a problem as it was quite low and a lot of what Aaron filmed came out quite grainy.
After a very rushed hour of trying to be calm but very much panicking! We had got all we could and called it a day.
I really wasn't sure what to expect from Aaron but what he came up with I truly loved.
It was exactly what I had in my head... A short romantic film showing the scarves in a very different way to my photoshoot. I just love it!
I definitely want to collaborate with Aaron again and do something more planned out with a bit more time. If Aaron can come up with what he did under the circumstances imaging what he could do with proper planning and time!


L'OFFICIAL PARIS Fashion Magazine

I have to admit I am a self confessed Fashion Magazine hoarder.
I remember at uni everybody used to rip images out of magazines for mood boards..... This used to kill me! A good fashion mag to me is like a piece of artwork in itself. All these beautiful photoshoots and images all compiled into a portable treat to get lost in....
I have just received the new L'OFFICIEL PARIS magazine with Beyonce as the cover shoot. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this issue of L'officiel. Beyonce was meant to look like African royalty and had her face voluntary darkened for the shoot. Critics have protested over what they deemed another instance of offensive blackface for the sake of fashion, However fans are arguing that the shoot was very artistic.
Personally I think the shoot is beautiful, with lots of African styled prints bold Jewellery pieces its nice to see a fashion shoot that is a bit different and not so predictable like most shoots are.