YAELLE Silk Scarves South Of France Fashion Shoot (Behind the Scenes)


Very excited to release the behind the scenes film of the SS12 YAELLE silk scarf photoshoot!
It was shot in the South of France earlier this year to showcase the new collection which will be available soon on www.yaelle.co.uk.
We all had a really amazing time out there in the sunshine! Thank you again to every one involved!


Cut Out Stories


Every now and then I go onto the TED website for a bit of inspiration. Last time I was on the website I came across a talk by artist and storyteller Beatrice Coron. She was born and raised in Lyon, France, lived in Taiwan, Mexico and Egypt, and has been living and working in New York since 1984. 
BĂ©atrice Coron has been a shepherdess, a truck driver, a factory worker, a cleaning lady, and a tour guide! Having done all these different jobs and lived in so many different places, no wonder she has lots of stories to tell! 
Beatrice creates these beautiful cut out paper stories. They really are exquisite. I love the fact that the more you look at them the more things you see and discover. My personal favourite has to be the cut out paper scarf!

Watch the below video of her talking about her work and see the paper cape she is wearing... Amazing!

Vans & Hermes Shoes


Check out these amazing Vans shoes that have been customised with Hermes Silk Scarves!
I would love to see a YAELLE scarf customised into a pair of shoes! Each pair is truly individual.
They were original made for celeb stylist Robert Verdi, who asked Vans to create a pair of shoes using an old Hermes scarf he had. This wasn't a collaboration with Hermes and Vans but its a such an amazing idea! I especially like the 3rd pair down with the ribbon scarf and bright blue trimming... LOVE!