Fashion Photography Festival, Palm Beach, Cannes


I was lucky enough to go and see the 8th Fashion Photography Festival exhibition in Cannes in the South of France.
The exhibition was held in the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes.... which is set right along the beach with fantastic views. The Palm Beach Casino was built according to the purest style of Art Deco, right next to the ocean, and  has got to be one of the most prestigious gambling venues of the Riviera Coast. It is a fantastic open air venue for work dedicated to beauty and elegance. For this exhibition all the walls are turned into canvases rich with dream like fashion imagery. 
Over 90 different fashion photographers work was displayed on huge 3 meters x 3 meter canvases all over the Palm Beach terrace overlooking the sea.
In the entrance hall were these huge spectacular male figures holding the lighting all the way down the hallway. In between these massive figures was more fashion photography.
My favourite photographer was Jacques Olivar. I love his work so it was amazing to see his work in such beautiful surroundings amongst other amazing photographers!