La Grande Nomade


While In Antibes in the South of France I went to see Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa's sculpture 'La Grande Nomade'

It is really very beautiful and looks different from every angle. The closer you get to it the more fascinating it gets. It is a sculpture of a human sat hugging their knees looking peacefully at the ocean view.
It is made from stainless steel letters and is eight meters high. The beauty of it is that you can walk into it which makes it more interactive for the viewer.

Plensa suggests that language, spoken or written, goes beyond providing a simple mission of communication, but can also be assimilated into a sort of envelope, which covers the matter and energy that forms our being.  He says, “Telles des briques, les lettres ont une potentialité de construction, elles nous permettent de construire une pensée”.  (Such bricks, letters have the potential to construct, they enable us to construct a thought.

Plensa also has an exhibition on at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Sheffield. Not quite as glamorous location as the South of France but I am sure the sculptures are just as breathtaking!    

Mem & Laz


I was recently in London with my good friend Jane. She took me to this amazing little restaurant called Mem & Laz in Angel.
It is a Mediterranean restaurant with Turkish cuisine.... and the food was absolutely amazing!
We had a few different dishes including grilled halloumi salad, spinach and cheese wrapped pancakes topped with a creamy tomato sauce and then for main, apricot and honey chicken with vegetables. A bit of a random mix but we wanted to try everything as the menu was so big!

I especially loved the décor and ambience of the restaurant. They had the most beautiful hand made mosaic clusters of lamps, in a rainbow of colours all over the restaurant. This made the restaurant feel really warm and cosy. I'm thinking inspiration for a mosaic scarf design!

I love finding little treasures like this in London!



                      Mem & Laz: 8 Theberton St Islington London N1 0QX