A Shaded View of Fashion


While I was at University I was really interested in alternate ways to show my designs rather than just on a catwalk or in sketchbook. I did my dissertation on technologies and how they are helping designers take the traditional fashion show to a new level. For example, the Diesel hologram catwalk show where they had virtual seal life creatures swimming alongside the real life catwalk models. Then there was the Kate Moss and McQueen hologram piece which was simply beautiful and way ahead of its time. These fresh takes on traditional methods of catwalks I find fascinating.
I was excited to find out that there is an actual fashion film festival called A Shaded View of Fashion held in Paris this September. I think fashion film is a very powerful media so for there to be a whole film festival dedicate to this is very exciting. I am pleased that myself and Ched53 will be collaborating on another short fashion film to show Yaelle scarves new collection together very soon in the glamours Monaco.... watch this space! Check out our previous video 'Yaelle Scarves Fashion Film'

                                        Diesel Hologram Catwalk Show

                               Kate Moss & Alexander McQueen Hologram

Anouska London


I am completely in love with Anouska London jewellery! We have very much the same influences in regards to bold colour and the hamsa hand! I was lucky enough to receive a turquoise and gold hamsa hand bracelet ( my two favourite colour combinations ever) and I don't think I'm ever going to take it off! Anouska's jewellery is very eye catching and the bracelets are stackable so you can create stunning combinations. If you are wanting some individual pieces of jewellery this summer take a look at the website.... http://www.anouskalondon.com/# you will be spoilt for choice!

Attire Magazine


 Attire Magazine has lots of new up and coming luxury and designer brands inside so it is really good that Yaelle scarves are a part of it!
They have a section on scarves but it was nice to see that Yaelle scarves were the most colourful and bold!



I was introduced to the website www.ftape.com by India Hobson (amazing photographer who has done my last photoshoot and will be doing my next one!) She showed me a photoshoot which she thought I would like... and I fell in love with it so thought I would share it! It was inspired by the artist Vladimir Tretchikoff and is a contemporary take his beautiful paintings. I love the way his paintings are so bold and colourful yet also very muted. Below are images of his original paintings called Balinese Girl and Chinese Girl. Below that are the images from the Ftape photoshoot.
I want to incorporate these ideas for the next photoshoot for Yaelle Scarves. These colours printed onto silk will make gorgeous scarves!






I used to sit on the tube while I was working in London and look forward to Wednesday's as it was Stylist Magazine day! So it is very exciting to see the Hamsa Purple scarf featured in the Style List in Stylist!



Love this image! Thanks to Ellie who found it! It has inspired me for my next shoot in the South of France next month. I'm thinking golden skin and lots of beautiful colours!