YAELLE Silk Scarves South Of France Fashion Shoot (Behind the Scenes)


Very excited to release the behind the scenes film of the SS12 YAELLE silk scarf photoshoot!
It was shot in the South of France earlier this year to showcase the new collection which will be available soon on www.yaelle.co.uk.
We all had a really amazing time out there in the sunshine! Thank you again to every one involved!


Cut Out Stories


Every now and then I go onto the TED website for a bit of inspiration. Last time I was on the website I came across a talk by artist and storyteller Beatrice Coron. She was born and raised in Lyon, France, lived in Taiwan, Mexico and Egypt, and has been living and working in New York since 1984. 
Béatrice Coron has been a shepherdess, a truck driver, a factory worker, a cleaning lady, and a tour guide! Having done all these different jobs and lived in so many different places, no wonder she has lots of stories to tell! 
Beatrice creates these beautiful cut out paper stories. They really are exquisite. I love the fact that the more you look at them the more things you see and discover. My personal favourite has to be the cut out paper scarf!

Watch the below video of her talking about her work and see the paper cape she is wearing... Amazing!

Vans & Hermes Shoes


Check out these amazing Vans shoes that have been customised with Hermes Silk Scarves!
I would love to see a YAELLE scarf customised into a pair of shoes! Each pair is truly individual.
They were original made for celeb stylist Robert Verdi, who asked Vans to create a pair of shoes using an old Hermes scarf he had. This wasn't a collaboration with Hermes and Vans but its a such an amazing idea! I especially like the 3rd pair down with the ribbon scarf and bright blue trimming... LOVE!

Amy's House Charity Event 2011


I was thrilled to be able to take part and help raise money with my scarves in this years Christmas shopping and charity lunch for the fantastic charity Amy's House. Amy's House gives special needs children the chance to play, laugh and learn with their siblings in a fun and friendly environment.
'It may sound like a basic requirement for a child, but sadly it’s something that a lot of special needs children miss out on during the week, due to the specialist individual care many of them require'

I had a brilliant four days and met some amazing people. If you would like more information on Amy's House Charity please take a moment to look at the website. http://amyshouse.org.uk/about-us/
They really are a fantastic charity and I was very happy to support them.

We were also selling next years SS12 collection exclusively at the Amy's House Charity Lunches. One design in particular sold out so watch this space when the new collection arrives!

(The lack of pictures is because they all contained the new SS12 collection! We don't want to reveal it just yet so instead there is an added picture of the view from our window!)


Bespoke Silk Scarf Design Service


We are now able to offer a Bespoke Design Service! Design something for an original gift or make it bespoke to you. Any design in your imagination can be brought to life in a silk scarf.
These bespoke designs will only be printed once, so it will truly be an individual piece.

You can buy gift vouchers on the website if you would like to treat someone to this amazing luxury gift.... especially now its Christmas shopping time!


                                                                      (Even these guys are talking about it!)

Luxury Silk Scarf Christmas Gifts


Make sure you take a look at the Christmas Gift section on the YAELLE website! Some beautiful combinations and a choice of two silk scarves to wear day or night. All scarves come individually wrapped and placed in a bespoke 'keep me' box wrapped with lashings of ribbon for that perfect luxury gift.



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Lets Play Football Wearing Gucci?


I have just got hold of the new L'OFFICIEL Paris magazine 90th birthday issue, and it is packed with amazing photoshoots and beautiful imagery.
The one shoot I wanted to mention is by photographer Mason Poole titled '90 Minutes'.The shoot is of models dressed in an abundance of flowing silks, furs and patent leathers... playing football! Each model is wearing knee high coloured football socks to match their dresses by designers such as Lanvin, Gucci and Prada. I think this shoot is fun and its really refreshing to see some fashion photography that's a bit different.

Kanye West Scarves


Just thought I would do a quick write up of Kanye West's silk scarf collection! These scarves were released in May this year and consist of a collection of 5 designs printed onto 100% silk twill. Kanye West commissioned contemporary visual artist George Condo to create a series of paintings featuring the characters who populate Kanye's musical fantasies and album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. They are limited to 100 scarves per design and each have an intricate gold frame with  hand drawn lettering by M/M Paris. 
I'm not really sure what I think of these scarves!? Some of the imagery is a little scary! Once the scarf is on you can't see the design and I think the colours work well together however I am not sure if I would want a nude portrait of the Kanye with a female beast on top of him around my neck!? Each to their own I guess!


Fashion Drawings


I just thought I would give people a sneak preview of some drawings I am doing for the new and improved scarf shop section of my website....(coming soon) My silk scarf collection will be featured on the black and white drawings of the models. The idea is to show lots of different and fun ways of wearing Yaelle scarves.
I have not done fashion drawings since I was at uni and forgot how much I enjoyed doing them!

Paper Fashion


Whilst in my studio getting my new mood board together for my new silk scarf collection I came across Jennifer Collier.

It is unusual that something grabs my attention as much as Stafford based paper artist Jennifer Collier did. Her work is so delicate and beautiful I think I looked at every single piece on her website... at least 3 times! She creates everything from paper, the papers themselves are often pages from books or maps which would otherwise be thrown away. I love how much attention to detail she pays in her work. I sat for ages looking at images of her work and noticing new things every time I looked. This is what I try and create whilst drawing designs for my scarves. I like the fact that you look at something and then the more you look the detail you see.

I often have women pick up a scarf and comment on the design and then a few moments later they notice something new... and then again and again! I think Jennifer Collier's work is probably like this too! I love the tiny stitch marks and mixed media of her work. My favourites have to be the paper binoculars and the stamp dress! I don't know why but these pieces just make me smile.


Fashion Photography Festival, Palm Beach, Cannes


I was lucky enough to go and see the 8th Fashion Photography Festival exhibition in Cannes in the South of France.
The exhibition was held in the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes.... which is set right along the beach with fantastic views. The Palm Beach Casino was built according to the purest style of Art Deco, right next to the ocean, and  has got to be one of the most prestigious gambling venues of the Riviera Coast. It is a fantastic open air venue for work dedicated to beauty and elegance. For this exhibition all the walls are turned into canvases rich with dream like fashion imagery. 
Over 90 different fashion photographers work was displayed on huge 3 meters x 3 meter canvases all over the Palm Beach terrace overlooking the sea.
In the entrance hall were these huge spectacular male figures holding the lighting all the way down the hallway. In between these massive figures was more fashion photography.
My favourite photographer was Jacques Olivar. I love his work so it was amazing to see his work in such beautiful surroundings amongst other amazing photographers!



La Grande Nomade


While In Antibes in the South of France I went to see Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa's sculpture 'La Grande Nomade'

It is really very beautiful and looks different from every angle. The closer you get to it the more fascinating it gets. It is a sculpture of a human sat hugging their knees looking peacefully at the ocean view.
It is made from stainless steel letters and is eight meters high. The beauty of it is that you can walk into it which makes it more interactive for the viewer.

Plensa suggests that language, spoken or written, goes beyond providing a simple mission of communication, but can also be assimilated into a sort of envelope, which covers the matter and energy that forms our being.  He says, “Telles des briques, les lettres ont une potentialité de construction, elles nous permettent de construire une pensée”.  (Such bricks, letters have the potential to construct, they enable us to construct a thought.

Plensa also has an exhibition on at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Sheffield. Not quite as glamorous location as the South of France but I am sure the sculptures are just as breathtaking!    

Mem & Laz


I was recently in London with my good friend Jane. She took me to this amazing little restaurant called Mem & Laz in Angel.
It is a Mediterranean restaurant with Turkish cuisine.... and the food was absolutely amazing!
We had a few different dishes including grilled halloumi salad, spinach and cheese wrapped pancakes topped with a creamy tomato sauce and then for main, apricot and honey chicken with vegetables. A bit of a random mix but we wanted to try everything as the menu was so big!

I especially loved the décor and ambience of the restaurant. They had the most beautiful hand made mosaic clusters of lamps, in a rainbow of colours all over the restaurant. This made the restaurant feel really warm and cosy. I'm thinking inspiration for a mosaic scarf design!

I love finding little treasures like this in London!



                      Mem & Laz: 8 Theberton St Islington London N1 0QX

Carnovsky Print Please


I came across an Italian studio called Carnovsky made up of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla.
At first I just loved the colours and imagery. The more I read about the work the more I realised how interesting it was. This insulation and work is called RGB and it is very clever.

RGB designs create surfaces that mutate and interact with each other.
Basically the technique is three sets of imagery in primary colours all overlapping and intertwining with each other... resulting in what looks like a colourful mess! 

If you take a coloured filter it is possible to see clearly the layers in which the image is composed. The filter’s colours are red, green and blue, each one of them serves to reveal one of the three layers. I think it is such an interesting use of colour and surface pattern. 

I think I might take the basis of this idea of using three primary colours to create more colours and use it for a silk scarf print!