Lets Play Football Wearing Gucci?


I have just got hold of the new L'OFFICIEL Paris magazine 90th birthday issue, and it is packed with amazing photoshoots and beautiful imagery.
The one shoot I wanted to mention is by photographer Mason Poole titled '90 Minutes'.The shoot is of models dressed in an abundance of flowing silks, furs and patent leathers... playing football! Each model is wearing knee high coloured football socks to match their dresses by designers such as Lanvin, Gucci and Prada. I think this shoot is fun and its really refreshing to see some fashion photography that's a bit different.

Kanye West Scarves


Just thought I would do a quick write up of Kanye West's silk scarf collection! These scarves were released in May this year and consist of a collection of 5 designs printed onto 100% silk twill. Kanye West commissioned contemporary visual artist George Condo to create a series of paintings featuring the characters who populate Kanye's musical fantasies and album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. They are limited to 100 scarves per design and each have an intricate gold frame with  hand drawn lettering by M/M Paris. 
I'm not really sure what I think of these scarves!? Some of the imagery is a little scary! Once the scarf is on you can't see the design and I think the colours work well together however I am not sure if I would want a nude portrait of the Kanye with a female beast on top of him around my neck!? Each to their own I guess!


Fashion Drawings


I just thought I would give people a sneak preview of some drawings I am doing for the new and improved scarf shop section of my website....(coming soon) My silk scarf collection will be featured on the black and white drawings of the models. The idea is to show lots of different and fun ways of wearing Yaelle scarves.
I have not done fashion drawings since I was at uni and forgot how much I enjoyed doing them!

Paper Fashion


Whilst in my studio getting my new mood board together for my new silk scarf collection I came across Jennifer Collier.

It is unusual that something grabs my attention as much as Stafford based paper artist Jennifer Collier did. Her work is so delicate and beautiful I think I looked at every single piece on her website... at least 3 times! She creates everything from paper, the papers themselves are often pages from books or maps which would otherwise be thrown away. I love how much attention to detail she pays in her work. I sat for ages looking at images of her work and noticing new things every time I looked. This is what I try and create whilst drawing designs for my scarves. I like the fact that you look at something and then the more you look the detail you see.

I often have women pick up a scarf and comment on the design and then a few moments later they notice something new... and then again and again! I think Jennifer Collier's work is probably like this too! I love the tiny stitch marks and mixed media of her work. My favourites have to be the paper binoculars and the stamp dress! I don't know why but these pieces just make me smile.